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This is a sampling of Christian missions publications geared toward peoples of other religions.

Missions Journals

International Journal of Frontier Missions (IJFM)
IJFM is the official academic journal of the International Society for Frontier Missiology (ISFM), and is devoted to frontier missions research. The archive is open. This journal is a publication of the US Center for World Missions (USCWM).

Evangelistic Missions Quarterly (EMQ)
EMQ is published by Evangelism and Missions Information Service (EMIS), the publishing division of the Billy Graham Center, whose focus is stimulating global evangelism. This widely-read missions journal requires a subscription, available at

Mission Frontiers (MF)
This lay-level missiology magazine published by USCWM is dedicated to fostering a global movement to establish an indigenous, self-reproducing church planting movement among all of the 10,000 unreached peoples of the world as soon as possible. Website:

International Bulletin of Missionary Research (IBMR)
A professional academic journal devoted to a sympathetic yet objective analysis and critique of the Christian world mission. Website:

St. Francis Magazine (SFM)
An on-line Christian mission journal devoted to the mission approach toward Muslims. It does not limit the length of submitted papers. Website:

Theological/Biblical Journals

Journal for the Study of the New Testament (JSNT)
One of the leading peer-reviewed academic journals of New Testament Studies. All the many and diverse aspects of New Testament study are represented and promoted by JSNT, including innovative work from historical perspectives, studies using social-scientific and literary theory or developing theological, cultural and contextual approaches. Website:

Journal for the Study of the Old Testament (JSOT)
One of the best in current, peer-reviewed scholarship on the Old Testament across a range of critical methodologies. Many original and creative approaches to the interpretation of the Old Testament literature and cognate fields of inquiry are pioneered in JSOT, which showcases the work of both new and established scholars. Website:

The Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (JETS)
An advanced scholarly journal from a conservative Bible-believing position that holds the Bible to be the verbally inspired and inerrant Word of God, published by the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS). Nearly all past issues are available on their archive. Website:

Missionary Paul Kim has been active in Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Eastern Congo, and Burundi since 1994, with the support of more than 200 local staff. He is President of Christian Life World Mission Frontier. Are you interested in short term missions for a period of two to four weeks in East Africa? Or do you want to participate in the mission work in these countries? Then visit this site.

Sacred Saga
Sacred Saga Ministries was started in 2007 by Dr. M. James Sawyer who has been teaching Systematic Theology and Church History over 25 years in seminaries. The main activities include teaching theological students in Bulgaria, Guam, Russia, and Jordan, and many theological books/articles related to the current interest as well as on-going issues. If you are interested in these activities, then visit this site.


Perspectives On the World Christian Movement, A Reader, 4th Ed., edited by Ralph D. Winter, and Steven C. Hawthorne, William Carey Library: 1605 Elizabeth St., Pasadena, CA 91104, 2009.
An excellent introductory missiological textbook for upper class undergraduate to graduate level study. With 136 articles in 768 pages, it provides many practical aspects for the field application as well as the most up-to-date missions methodology.

Perspectives On the World Christian Movement, The Study Guide, 4th Ed., prepared by Steven C. Hawthorne, William Carey Library: 1605 Elizabeth St., Pasadena, CA 91104, 2009.
An study guide to accompany the above textbook. These two books are used in the class called Perspectives, created by late Ralph D. Winter, the founder of the US Center for World Missions.

Books published by William Carey Library

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