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“The Christian Outreach Training And Research Institute,” Incorporated, hereafter referred to as COTARI is a nonprofit, nonsectarian, interdenominational, Christian organization that provides training and affiliated research in the areas of evangelism and missions to lay members, ministers of churches, and to short-term and long-term missionaries. Special emphasis shall be placed in finding out ways to reach peoples of other faiths — Peoples Identically Loved by God & to be Reclaimed In Mercy (PILGRIMs), and lead them to the Lord. The vision of COTARI is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all PILGRIMs, the last frontier for evangelism and missions before Jesus Christ returns, and prepare the world for the return of Jesus Christ. The PILGRIMs are the last peoples of the world resistant to the Gospel because of their prior religions or cultures.

Learn about our founder in our Founder’s Corner.

Our areas of effort are research, training, and dialog with you.


Many people might wonder why we need another mission organization when there are so many of them already. We explain here why we need a new mission organization like COTARI.

We, at COTARI, believe that reaching peoples of other religions and persuading them to come to Jesus Christ with the gospel is the most important last step in fulfilling the Great Commission. However, throughout the world, Christianity has great difficulty penetrating any countries dominated by so-called great religions of the world. We can see this in Islamic countries, India, South East Asian countries where Buddhism is dominated, and even in free countries such as Japan and Taiwan where nothing can stop Christian missionaries from evangelizing people there. Here is a puzzling dilemma: Christians endeavor to evangelize people in those areas, but people over there are not willing to listen to Christian messages. Why? Why are missionaries after missionaries failing to reach peoples of other faiths? Why do the conventional methods of evangelism and mission fail to deliver the message of love of God to these peoples? Doing research in this area is the first reason why COTARI was founded in 2010. The second reason for the need of COTARI is to provide practical evangelism training to Christians, because the Western church is declining due to lack of evangelism by Christians.

The Founder describes his own personal experiences and observations below in support of the above causes. …more

How Our Organization Works

COTARI has the Board of Directors that provides the direction for our operations and all our activities. President and his staff carry out activities aimed to achieve its goals. It has three distinct Divisions: Operations, Research Division, and Training Division. See the organization chart below for the details.
Organizational Chart

Get Involved

Do you agree with us that this is a worthy area to pursue? If so and you would like to join COTARI as a staff or as a director, please let us know by sending your email address to us at info@cotari.org. If you could not join COTARI at this point in time but are willing to support COTARI financially, please donate. In any case, please pray for the success of COTARI.

Are you already involved in Christian missions? Explore our ideas in our research section, including the projects already completed and the ones submitted for publication or still under development. Then dialog with us and discuss these ideas. Sharing your thoughts and experiences makes us all more effective.

Are you of a faith other than Christianity? We invite you to dialog with us. Challenge us. Tell us what you think about Christianity and your own faith. We would love to dialog with you and promote understanding between different faiths so that people of all faiths may live in peace.


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5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I thanks God for the great work you do to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord, I’m a pastor from Kampala Uganda East Africa. I will love to invite your team to our country, because although our country we have liberty to preach the gospel,but few Christian are trained to answer the questions of unbelievers,that caused many to not believe in our saviour.

    • Thanks for your invitation. Our seminar, “How to Use the Qur’an to Reach Out to Muslims,” is two week long seminar Mon to Fri, 9 AM to 6 PM. Due to Covid 19 we are not doing it now. We were scheduled to go to India in 2020, but we had to cancel it. By the way, I visited Nsangi area to Christian Life World Mission Center several times since 2004.

  2. We thank you God for this organization I’m a Pastor in Democratic Republic of Congo in Lubumbashi I will like to invite you here in congo for this training God bless you for this work.

  3. Thank you Inspiration Church of All Nation Church for interest in our training program. We are holding off the training program, especially for overseas, because of COVID-19 Pandemic. I hope that we can discuss about such opportunities as the Pandemic subside.
    We had planned to go to India in 2020 and canceled it and have not planned any overseas seminars yet.

    Sincerely, Frank

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