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Dr. Choe has PhD in Engineering and worked as an engineer for many years at one of the largest industrial companies in the world. While he was working, he was called to become a Christian in 1990 (read “How I Became A Christian” below for details) and seven years later received his life mission to share the gospel with peoples of other faiths (read “How I Received My Personal Calling” below for details). He holds a Master of Divinity degree, and is an ordained minister. He has various ministerial experiences including several short term missions to China, Africa, Philippine and Mexico.

How I Became A Christian
How I Received My Personal Calling

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  1. Hello, I see you follow on twitter and I am happy to share my ministry with you too. I have partnered with Light of the world ministries and I want to invite you to pray with us. Be blessed
    In HIs hands,
    Shelley Bos

  2. Hmmm. I appreciate what you have to say about your personal calling. Before I went to Mexico as a missionary, I realized that I knew nothing about the Catholic faith, so while I was in college I went to the Catholic on-campus ministry and signed up for their basic religion class for people interested in becoming Catholics. I basically sat in the class, absorbing all these new ideas, and I didn´t argue with the Priest giving the class….I was just there to learn. When my husband and I went to Mexico, I realized that class gave me a definite advantage, because even Catholic people in Mexico don´t know why they believe certain things or celebrate certain days, and I was able to tell them. We were able to discuss the whys of their religion without beating them over the head, but on a rational ground. I think your approach to other religions sounds very logical, and will work.

    God bless you as you continue to serve HIM.

  3. I read the encounters you had and how God opened to door to conversations using the Q’ran. You challenged my thinking on how to approach others; however, aren’t we actually trying to change their faith? I totally believe in your ministry, but my true desire would be to bring others to Christ.

    • Thanks for your visit to our website and for your interest in the reaching out to Peoples of Other Faiths. You are right. We want to bring them to Christ. Using the Qur’an for Muslims to nurture them and to lead them to the Gospel is fundamentally the same as Jesus used the Old Testament to lead the Jews to the Gospel.

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