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We are pleased to announce that we have finished chapter 10 of our book titled “The Qur´an Teaches Religious Tolerance.” We had many, many surprises!(1) The Qur'an is more emphatic on religious tolerance than the Bible.(2) Both Islam and Christianity failed the teaching of religious tolerance in their practices.(3) Islam failed because it has followed its own traditions.(4) Christianity failed because it put too much emphasis on orthodoxy of its theology. It tried to follow correct theology instead of loving each other.(5) Before the Enlightenment, Islam was more tolerant than Christianity, as demonstrated in the treatment of the Jews in Spain.(6) After the Enlightenment in the modern times, Christianity has become more tolerant than Islam.(7) Surprisingly, the source of the religious tolerance in Christianity today such as "freedom of religion" and "separation of church and state" came from the secular democratic movements, not from Christian theology. As we were doing research for this topic, we became aware of so much intolerance exhibited by both Christianity and Islam down through the centuries. If we are ever to come to some kind of agreement in this modern world today, we must learn to be tolerant of each other, and especially to take Jesus´s words to heart to love our enemies. Christianity claims that Islam is an intolerant religion and Islam claims that Christianity is an intolerant religion. What does an intolerant religion mean? An intolerant religion in this context means the one that does not allow any other religion in their society. Nearly all religions claim that their own religion is the only true religion and all other religions are wrong. Therefore, they become exclusive and practice religious intolerance. Radical Muslims appear to practice religious intolerance in many situations as reported in the world news today. The review of Christian history also shows a number of cases of religious intolerance in the church, in particular during the Catholic Middle Age period. ...
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October 9 and 10.Frank and Lisa just attended a two-day Zoom conference given by the Evangelical Missiological Society (EMS) on missions where we were able to get new insights into the situation of world mission at this time, many statistics about how Christianity is getting along in this post-modern world, how to speak the gospel with our neighbors, as well as obtaining valuable information about publishing our book, after we finish writing it. Frank was able to communicate with a few old friends and Lisa was able to get some interesting perspectives on many of the religions that we hope to research in the future, including the Hindu religion. We are still working on writing the book, and some chapters take longer than others, as we research our subjects. ...
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We are finishing up chapter nine of our book! This chapter is titled: The Qur’an Never Says That the Bible Was AlteredAmazingly, the Qur’an never says that the Bible was altered by Jews and Christians when properly interpreted. The Islamic tradition, however, teaches that the Bible was altered and teaches Muslims not to read or believe what the Bible says contrary to the Qur’anic teachings.The Qur’an places high respect on the Bible and demonstrates in several different ways that the Bible was never changed. On the other hand, most Muslims believe that they could trust the original Bible mentioned in the Qur’an, but it no longer exists in the world because it was changed in the past by the Jews and Christians. Most Muslims and Islam claim that they cannot trust today’s Bible. Islamic scholars spent significant effort to prove that the Bible was changed or altered and should be interpreted to fit the original unaltered Bible, in particular regarding the description of Muhammad in the Bible.Both the Old Testament and the New Testament are probably the most faithfully preserved books in the world from ancient times. To claim that the Bible has been corrupted over the centuries is to ignore the manuscript evidence of the Old and New Testaments. A common-sense review of the several outstanding characteristics in the Bible demonstrates that the Bible is highly unlikely to have been altered or changed. There are several cases for a minor grammar or spelling changes in the manuscript, but the teaching points in the Bible have never been changed ...
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