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Dr. Paul (Pseudonym)
Dr. Paul has PhD in Engineering and worked as an engineer for many years at one of the largest industrial companies in the world. While he was working, he was called to become a Christian in 1990 (read “How I Became A Christian” below for details) and seven years later received his life mission to share the gospel with peoples of other faiths (read “How I Received My Personal Calling” below for details). He holds a Master of Divinity degree, and is an ordained minister. He has various ministerial experiences including several short term missions to China, Africa, Philippine and Mexico.

How I Became A Christian
How I Received My Personal Calling

Prayer Outreach

I am offering the service of my prayers to anyone who wish to receive the benefits of sincere prayers. This could be for physical healing, relationship restoration, or peace in your heart. In many situations when I prayed in the past, I saw that healings did occur. I believe that the Lord can heal people physically, heal broken relationships and bring peace to individuals. My prayer service is not limited to Christians, but is extended to all children of God. I want to offer this service to the Lord’s suffering people so that He can demonstrate that He is alive and cares for His people even today.

Prayer Outreach Contact:   email with your request and contact information.

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