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Follow Jesus instead of Paul to reach out peoples of other faiths in the world.

Christians use a wrong approach for peoples of other faiths. The results: Christian population is only 1 to 2 % wherever the “great religions” dominate. Do you want to know how we can remedy this?

Christians have believed Apostle Paul was the greatest missionary + theologian we ever had. To a great extent, it is right. Following his mission approach enabled the Christian population growth from about 200 just after the resurrection of Jesus to 2.2 billion today.

Would you be surprised if I tell you that the same Pauline approach is preventing the increase of Christians among peoples of other faiths today? To truly understand this, we have to study: the approach difference between Jesus and Paul + where they received their authority.

Paul received authority from Jesus. Paul called Jesus the Son of God several times and the Lord (implying Yahweh God) more than 70 times. Paul delivered the Gospel message of Jesus, his authority. He himself followed the Gospel teachings of Jesus.

Jesus received authority by quoting the Old Testament, ultimately from God. The OT was the only clear representation of God to the Jews, and was their highest authority. Therefore, quoting many times from the OT gave Jesus authority over Jews.

Paul also quoted the Old testament many times just as Jesus did. But his purpose of quoting the OT was to establish continuity of the Gospel from the OT, not to gain authority. The OT was not the authority to Gentiles.

Paul’s ministry worked great because the Gentiles did not have their own “great religions” like Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism or Confucianism or Judaism or Zoroastrianism. The “great religions” have already their own authority from their own scriptures.

Summary of Jesus + Paul. Jesus preached with the highest Jewish authority (the OT) to reach Jews who had their own religion. Paul preached the Gospel with the authority of Jesus to reach Gentiles who did not have their “great religions.”

The only Christian who successfully reached out to peoples of “Great religions” is Jesus, not Paul. But Christians have followed Pauline approach & so succeeded in reaching out to peoples with no “great religion," but failed to reach out peoples with their own “great religions.”

All the successes in Christian missions and evangelism have been with peoples with no “great religion” of their own, and are entirely due to the application of Pauline approach. This misled Christians to apply the same approach to peoples with their own “great religions.”

Christian population in any area dominated by “great religions” have been very minimal, 1 to 2 %. This has been the case for the last two thousand years. We can see why Christians are failing with peoples of other faiths – because we are blindly following Pauline approach.

Then what shall we do for peoples of other faiths? We should follow the example of Jesus. We should preach the Gospel through the authorities of peoples of other faiths. This means Christians should study scriptures of other religions before they go there.

Have you wondered why Jesus quoted so many times from the Old Testament while the Gospel eliminated 90% of it including Mosaic Law, the OT festivals, the food laws and rituals? Jesus did not need the OT except to receive the authority that comes from God.

We should preach the Gospel through the authorities of “great religions” when we want to reach out to peoples of “great religions” or other faiths. If Jesus comes alive today, that is what He would do.

The difference between Jesus and us. Jesus was the Son of God or second person of Godhead and knew the Old testament better than any Jews. We are mere humans and have to study scriptures of other faiths so that we know more about it than peoples of other faiths.

You might question how we can know the scriptures of other faiths better than peoples of other faiths. When you set your mind to it and God helps, it is possible. He will open your hearts to see how you can apply their scriptures to deliver the Gospel.

Summary: We should follow Jesus instead of Paul to reach out to Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Confucianists etc.

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We should evangelize Peoples of Other Faiths!

Christian Population per PEW Research: 610 mil (35% of world population) in 1910 vs. 2.2 bil (32%) in 2010. It lost 3% in 100 yrs. Why then all these bragging and self-conceitedness by Christian theologians and missiologists?
We Christians should humble ourselves to search new approaches for Evangelism and Missions instead of being self-conceited. Don't you hear Muslims population will exceed Christian population by 2070? Wake up, my friends, from your complacency!
The regions occupied by Peoples of Other Faiths (Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Confucianists etc) have very low Christian population, typically 1-2 %. This remains the same over several centuries. Our priority should be toward Peoples of Other Faiths.

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Cotari - Christian Outreach Training and Research Institute
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10 months ago

Cotari - Christian Outreach Training and Research Institute
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The Use of The Qur'an Makes Muslim Evangelism Go Smooth

I visited a Mulim country. The population of the country is 99.9 % Sunni Muslims. While I was there, I had three unique encounters with Muslims to witness to Muslims using the Qur’an. These encounters tell us how important it is to know the Qur’an in order to reach out to Muslims, whether they are in the USA or in their Islamic homelands.

Encounter One. I was waiting for my flight to my final destination at an airport. Then a number of money changers asked me to change dollars to local currency and were chasing after me. I was trying to avoid them and ended up sitting next to a 30 year-old young lady. She told me that she is studying for her PhD in ecological studies, especially on how to get sufficient drinkable water.

I told her that Jesus is Word of God According to Q. 3:45, Kalimah Allah in Arabic. She agreed and appeared to know something about the Qur’an. Therefore, I proceeded to tell her that God prepared three Qurbans or sacrifices for human race and Jesus was one of them. The 1st one was for Adam and Eve in Q. 7:26, and the 2nd one was for Abraham and his son in Q. 37:107. I shared all these Qur’anic verses with her, using my Qur’an in my smart phone that has both Arabic and English texts. She seemed to accept what I told her. Then I told her that the greatest Qurban came with Jesus in Q. 3:55. I emphasized that Allah or God let Jesus die or killed and lifted up to Him. The verb used is “mutawafeeka” in Arabic, which means separating the soul from the body. She reacted negatively to this and told me that a prophet is never supposed to be killed and told me that Jesus was never killed. So I told her that I do not want to change her religion or change what she thinks but want to plant a seed in her mind to think deeply about what the Qur’an really says instead of what her religious leaders told her. She did not appear to know where in the Qur’an God says Jesus was not killed. So I quoted Q. 4:157 “They did not kill Him, nor crucify Him, though it was made to appear they did.” I told her that this is what God said. If it appeared to Jews that they killed Jesus, then they indeed killed Jesus. But God would not say Jesus was killed, because God knew Jesus would be resurrected in 3 days. God spoke from God’s perspective knowing what would happen to Jesus. But for people, they indeed killed Jesus. That is why in Q 3:55 God let Jesus killed, “Matawafeeka” Jesus. After these explanations, she showed a great interest talking to me, and stayed with me until her flight time and wanted to have continued communications with me through Facebook, etc. Clearly, she opened her heart to me, told me what she thought, appeared to be comfortable talking to me, and wanted to have future communications with me. This could never happen if I tried to use the Bible to convey the same message.

Encounter Two. One evening I was having a discussion with several Muslim friends. One of them told me that Jesus is just a prophet like Muhammad and a man like Adam. So I asked them whether they knew that Jesus is called Kalimah Allah in Q. 3:45 and Jesus made a clay bird and breathed into it and it flew away in Q. 3:49. In other words, Jesus gave life to an in animate clay. And also Jesus performed many miracles. They responded to me that Jesus was able to do so because Allah allowed Jesus to do so. I then asked them whether Jesus was just an ordinary man or extraordinary man. They all said Jesus was an extraordinary man, nevertheless a man. Then I told them about two places that God sends angles or His Spirit in the form of a man. In Q. 6:9, God says that He has to send an angel in the form of a man if people ask God to send an angel as a messenger. In Q. 19:17, God sent His Spirit to Mary in the form of a perfect man. After I showed them these verses, I asked them, “If an angel appears to us in the form of a man, isn’t that man both angel and man at the same time? If God sent His Spirit in the form of a perfect man, isn’t he a man as well as God’s Spirit?” I then told them they are trying make Allah incapable of doing things as Allah supposed to do. In so many places, the Holy Qur’an says that Allah can do anything he wants to do by just saying “Be” or Kun in Arabic. Allah is so powerful. Now I asked them why they are trying to say Allah cannot give human nature and divine nature to Jesus at the same time. Isn’t it degrading Allah? I told them that I agree with them that Jesus is fully a man like Adam, but if Allah wants, Jesus could also have divine nature like an angel or Spirit of God just as the Qur’an says as is possible. They became quiet. I told them that I do not want to change their religion. They may remain Muslim, but read the Qur’an and understand what it says instead of just following what Imams say. I told them Imams are not Allah, but the Qur’an is the words of Allah. I felt that all Muslims present gave me high respect for me, giving me certain authority. I felt that I opened their hearts to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This was only possible because I was preaching the Gospel through the Qur’an. If I were to try with the Bible, they would have condemned me.

Encounter Three. I had another evening with several Muslim friends for fellowship. One of them declared that they do not need the Bible and the Qur’an has everything they need. I challenged them whether they know what the Qur’an says. I told them that their Holy Qur’an says that Muslims should believe in the Qur’an and the Bible to be a true Muslim. I told them that this is repeated 8 times (Q. 2:4, 2:136, 3:3-4, 3:199, 4:60, 4:136, 4:162, 5:59), not just once or twice or three times. I told them that I studied the Qur’an to be able to talk to them better. I do not want them to be Christians, but study both the Qur’an and the Bible as the Holy Qur’an asks them to do. I asked them if they would study the Bible as well as the Qur’an so that they can understand Christians better. All of them in unison replied that they would. I have opened their hearts again using the Qur’an.

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