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Making use of the scripture of the indigenous people was practiced by Jesus. He was prophecied in the Old Testament, but also He quoted the OT whenever it is applicable. What the Gospel teaches in the New Testament could be explained without taking any quotation of the OT. As a matter of fact, most things in the OT were replaced by the new teachings in the NT. All the Mosaic laws were basically replaced by the Sermon on the Mount. All the rituals were eliminated. What is left over from the OT? The intentions of God giving and revealing the OT to Moses - love of God for man. Then why did Jesus quote from OT so often, and said that He came to fulfill the law and the prophets? The OT, the law, the prophets are the highest authority for Israelites at the time. By quoting these, Jesus was recognized as authority. Not only that, but He was seen as empathizing with the Jews and accepting what they believe. After these preparatory steps are done, He told them truth in love, with nurturing attitude like a nursing mother. Likewise, we can be a lot more powerful if we use the Qur'an when we reach out to Muslims with understanding of the good and the bad of their scriptures and traditions as Jesus did. We can be a lot more powerful if we use the Vedas, the Upanishads, and the Bhagavd Gita when we reach out to Hindus with understanding of the good and the bad of their scriptures and traditions as Jesus did. We can be a lot more powerful if we use the Buddhist scriptures such as Diamond Sutra, Lotus Sutra, etc. when we reach out to Buddhists with understanding of the good and the bad of their scriptures and traditions as Jesus did. We can be a lot more powerful if we use the Confucian Classics such as Analects, Mencius, the Great Learning, the Doctrine of the Mean when we reach out to Confucian atheist or ethicists with understanding of the good and the bad of their classic books and traditions as Jesus did. In the case of Muslim, this approach has been proven to be very effective. See www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjUXd4qW9mg and a book by David Garrison, "A Wind In the House of Islam." David Garrison's book proclaims that there is a new trend in 21st century that Muslims become Christians by simply reading the Qur'an alone without a missionary's or any Christians' help. In many Islamic countries, the Qur'an has not been allowed to be translated into their indigenous languages, but in 21st century, the Qur'an in indigenous language start becoming available. Muslims read the Qur'an for the 1st time in their own language and understood what it says, contrary to what their religious teachers have been teaching. This must be the work of God. COTARI simply follow the same process except with a little more systematic approach. Many missionaries in the Islamic countries want to learn the way COTARI teaches in how to use the Qura'n to reach out to Muslims. ...

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We have stated many times on this FB page that use of the Qur'an is powerful in reaching out to Muslims. Some may wonder why Christian missionaries have not used the Qur'an in their work to evangelize Muslims in the Islamic countries. There may be several reasons. (1) The importance of the use of "authority" (authority that the target people believe) in evangelism was not recognized. This is a relatively new research result in social psychology. They did an experiment to demonstrate that authority has a real power in cases like Nazi followers who did a horrible things to Jews. Each individuals are well-educated and very nice human beings. They were under the "authority of Hitler" to do things they would never do on their own. (2) Most Christians do not realize that the Qur'an is the highest authority for Muslims. Christians think that the Bible is the authority. In their head, Christians may think that the Qur'an might be the authority to Muslims, but in their heart the Bible is the only authority. Therefore, they just push the Bible only instead of using the Qur'an. (3) Christians do not know anything about the Qur'an. Therefore they are afraid to use the Qur'an. They also do not ever imagine that the Qur'an could be a useful tool in evangelizing Muslims. (4) Even though some Christian missionaries learn that the Qur'an could be the powerful tool in evangelizing Muslims, it takes a years of serious effort to get familiarized with the Qur'an enough to be useful in their ministry. Most missionaries do not think it is worthwhile to spend years to learn about the Qur'an - some may think it is waste of time. Meanwhile, some missionaries spent more than 30 years in one Islamic country and was never able to convert a single Muslim, according to their confession. THIS TELLS HOW ARROGANT WE CHRISTIANS ARE. The Bible teaches that we should be humble and show such humble example to other people so that they may believe in Jesus Christ. Yet regarding our own faith, we take very exclusive attitude - our religion is the only way and all others are no good. We Christians should repent and learned to be humble. We should have nurturing attitude. Jesus had nurturing attitude (Matt. 23:37) and Paul did also (1 Thess. 2:7). We Christians should try to follow Jesus Christ and Apostle Paul in their attitude in dealing with peoples of other religions. ...

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Watch the attached video to appreciate how powerful the Qur'an could be in attracting Muslims to Christianity! www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjUXd4qW9mg ...

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